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  The Event --The Genesis Particle



It has been almost five years since the day a gentle breeze ushered in the Event. In that awful moment, most of humanity dissolved into a rusty, sandy residue, captured in mid-moment as they went about their everyday chores. Along with them the modern trappings of this world also vanished, for there was no one remaining to monitor the dams, generator plants, communication facilities, transportation facilities and infrastructure of modern civilization. The fraction of humanity who survived were faced with finding each other and rebuilding a life void of all the rules, laws, and customs of society. Small groups of people gravitated together to form communities numbering mere dozens of people. New morals, customs, and priorities were established as they attempted to survive. 

One questions was forefront in their minds. It was the first questioned asked when they encounter each other. It was; “What happened?” The fourth book in The Event series, The Genesis Particle, finally provides the answer to that question. Slowly the survivors realized they had been changed, altered. The found that not every female was fertile. Two-thirds of the surviving females had been rendered barren. The implication of that effect was astounding, especially in a world where survival of the human race depended on procreation of the species. 

Therefore, when it was discovered, in The Event—The Genesis Particle, that a surviving scientist not only knew the cause of the dissolution of humans across the world, but he also had the cure to the infertility, it became paramount that he be gathered into the safety of the Ranger Republic, where he could be protected and encouraged to complete his research and hopefully reverse infertility in the females

The fourth installment of The Event series does not disappoint the reader....Do yourself a favor and read the whole series.

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